VOIP Phone Systems


Searching for a new telephone system for your business? Pure Logic’s cloud based VoIP phone system solution is hosted securely and removes the need for you to manage and operate PBX hardware systems on your premises. We offer phone lines to run over your internet connection and a range of pre-configured VoIP Handsets.

Our hosted VoIP phone systems are cost effective, hassle free and easy to manage. By moving your phone lines to Pure Logic’s VoIP phone systems you no longer need to worry complicated PBX hardware. Instead, one desk phone is all that is required.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Phone calls dropping out for no apparent reason.
  • Excessive costs for your phone calls.
  • Phone system too complicated to use and maintain.
  • Quality of calls is poor.
  • No integration support to software applications.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, give us a call and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Big Business Features

Our Cloud PBX is packed full of features including unlimited cloud based call recordings, forwarding, queuing, hunting, auto attendant and faxmail. Click here for a comprehensive list of features.

Scales up and down

With our flexible VoIP systems you can easily add more lines as your business grows. A new staff member can be up and running in seconds.

Automatic Upgrades

We take care of all the upgrades for you, unlike traditional PBX phone systems which need expensive upgrades as time goes on. Our VoIP phone system is always up to date.

Easy Customisation

Our web portal provides an easy way to change features, add new lines, update call flows or view call records in real time.

Office Mobility

Our VoIP phone system is not tied to a physical location so you can answer calls when you are out and about or even overseas.

Cost Saving

Our VoIP phone system will save you money on both initial investment and ongoing call costs.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Our VoIP phone system can be fully integrated with Microsoft Teams and Office 365.

Internet Phones

Our phone lines run over your internet connection and a range of VoIP handsets are available to choose from.

Dedicated Support

Pure Logic are experts in VoIP phone systems and are always happy to provide ongoing support.

Exceptional customer service for all clients is our #1 priority

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