IT Relocation Services


Whether you are upsizing or downsizing your offices, you need to make sure that your IT equipment is moved safely and securely and that you are back up and running as soon as possible. Extended disruption caused by inadequate IT relocation can seriously damage  your business.

Pure Logic can assist by conducting full pre-move IT audits and developing a full relocation project with careful attention given to all aspects of your IT requirements.

We will also assist in making sure your new office is ready with active internet and network connections ready to go. We have the experience to make the IT relocation seamless with zero worry for you.

IT Equipment Relocations

  • Full pre-move audits and project management.
  • Infrastructure removal, delivery and installation.
  • Telecommunications and networking setup.
  • Decommission of old equipment if required.
  • Disaster recovery processes updated.
  • Installation and testing of newly installed equipment.

Our team of IT experts can make your next office move seamless.

Pre-Move Audit

We will review and audit your existing IT infrastructure and create a detailed IT relocation plan.

New Equipment

We will advise if any new equipment is required and plan the logistics to ensure the equipment arrives on time.

Data and Networking

We will make sure your new office has internet up and running and the internal networking is ready.

Phone Systems

We will co-ordinate with your Telco to ensure your phone system is moved or relocated your VoIP system.


We will organise the safe relocation of your IT equipment on moving day.

Post-Move Audit

We will re-audit your new IT environment to make sure everything is installed and operating as it should be.

Exceptional customer service for all clients is our #1 priority

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