Guide to upgrade from MedTech32 to MedTech Evolution

MedTech Evolution

As a healthcare provider, your topmost priority is the delivery of all-round care to your patients.

In the course of fulfilling your duties on a daily basis, you will also have to deal with other essential tasks like paperwork, record keeping(both past & current), schedules, billings and any other important documentation.

This task can be overwhelming especially when your practice is not utilising an up to date Patient management system.

A Patient Management System (PMS) is also known as a medical practice management system (MPM), systematic patient management or clinic management software Is a software or tool that helps streamline the activities of a medical or health practice.

Although a PMS is initially designed to ensure better outcomes, there comes a time when it’s software is in need of much-needed upgrade and improvement to allow for optimal functionality.

An outdated patient management system or software can not cope with present demands in terms of capacity, storage and processing. However, upgraded systems ensure vital processes proceed smoothly without hassle.

Top Patient Management System Provider – Medtech

Medtech is a top leading healthcare information technology company with global operations. Medtech is committed to providing high end innovative and efficient tools to medical practices of all sizes and different practices. These powerful software solutions incorporate state of the art technology, along with robust features that enable health care providers Improve their level of patient care and also help patients manage their own health.

Medtech boasts a wide range of products involved in primary care, personal health, integrated care and lots more. But our primary focus for this article will be on- Medtech 32 and Medtech Evolution.

Medtech 32:

The Medtech 32 by Medtech is a multi-featured and highly modular management solution designed for utilisation in managing both primary and secondary health care needs. Medtech 32 is popular for its exceptional solid database that maintains data integrity, and the ability to perform a wide range of roles when deployed within its specific service area.

Nevertheless, as with all legacy systems, Medtech is slowly phasing out the Medtech 32 by introducing:

Medtech Evolution:

Medtech Evolution is a new patient management system from Medtech designed with state of the art features such as Artificial Intelligence and Clinical Business Intelligence Tool.

Medtech Evolution comprises extensive features and functions which strengthens its claim as the patient management system of the future.

This patient management software is user-friendly, flexible plus a robust Electronic Medical Record (EMR) capability and more that makes it perfect for use in general health practices.

Although Medtech is still supporting the Medtech 32 Patient management system, with time they are eventually going to phase it out and focus on improving and enhancing the MedTech Evolution system.

Features of Medtech Evolution System.

The Medtech Evolution was designed with a variety of advanced features to augment its ability to provide effective and efficient management solutions and user experience. Here are some of the key features of Medtech Evolution System:

• Clinical Business Intelligence Tool (CBIT):

The Clinical Business Intelligence tool (CBIT) is a data analysis tool built into Medtech Evolution to collect, examine and evaluate clinical data. The goal of CBIT is to improve medical care through the analysis of vital quantitative and qualitative variables that are valuable in making crucial medical decisions.

• SMS Messages:

In line with fostering effective communication, the system integrates a short message service that notifies patients on new services or reminds them about their appointments.

• Voice Command:

The voice recognition feature on Medtech Evolution allows for easy and fast input of data directly into the electronic health records.

• Drawing Tool:

The Medtech Evolution system has a variety of built-in image templates you can use. This feature also allows you to draw and make sketches on the image samples as you please.

Electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) integration:

Medtech Evolution integrates an Electronic fund’s transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) feature that allows for secure, fast, easy payment and accurate billing without the need to re-enter patients information.

• Status Screen:

Medtech Evolution status screen shows the current appointment information of patients on who check-in, track and manage their status while they are at the practice.

• Left Navigation Pane:

With this feature, you can easily navigate, access and launch a variety of functions. On the left navigation pane, you can view a summary of specific sections such as the task manager, patient record, worklist, appointment book and provider inbox.

• User workspace:

This management tool allows you to handle administrative duties while managing the daily operations of your practice through a multi-screen.

• Reports:

Medtech Evolution also provides complete reports on the administrative, accounting and clinical areas of your practice. With a clear and concise analysis of their performance levels, you can then proceed to make any necessary operational changes.

• Worklist:

The worklist feature allows you to organise and prioritize your list of activities on a schedule. Each pending action will display the appropriate information or instruction for its completion.

Others include queue workflow, improved task manager, interface enhancements, advanced appointment book, enhanced patient manager, clinical, role-based security, query builder, health tools, prescription, lab interfacing and so much more.

Deployment Options for MedTech Evolution System.

The deployment of your patient management system is a crucial step in the upgrading process as it determines the specific environment for your software to run and operate.

The flexibility of Medtech’s Evolution system allows for its deployment through various options that enable remote access and mobility.

There are different deployment options you can choose for the Medtech Evolution system at your practice. They include:

• On-Site Hosting Option:

On-Site Hosting allows for the installation of your Medtech Evolution system on a server physically located at your medical practice.

• Private Cloud Hosting Option:

A Private Cloud Hosting option allows a cloud provider to host your server, while you still have complete control and full access to your data from anywhere & at any time.

• Medtech Cloud Hosting Option:

This option allows you to host your data on Medtech’s Cloud, which offers 24/7 accessibility, continuous backup, data recovery and guaranteed data security.

Cloud or On-Site server.

As a healthcare provider, there are certain key factors that you need to consider when making a decision between a cloud or on-site server for the hosting of your patient’s data.

Even though the use of Cloud servers have gained popularity in recent times, it does not mean it is the best option for your practice.

For Healthcare organizations and medical practices, choosing an On-site server over a cloud server seems to be the most practical because of its benefits in terms of:

• Security:

With an onsite server, you are immediately notified by your IT personnel or department over any data errors, breaches or issues. This enables you to work towards finding an effective solution without second-guesses over what is happening.

This may not be the case with a third-party company or cloud provider, as you are most likely going to try & find a quick fix to any data breaches, threats or issues before alerting you.

In addition, with an onsite server, you do not have to worry about third-party access to the health records of your medical practice.

• Reliability:

With an On-site server, you can access your information both online and offline. This means that you do not have to rely solely on an Internet connection to access your data.

On the other hand, a cloud server relies heavily on the internet and if there is poor or no connectivity on either side, you will not have access to any of your information.

The last thing you want is for your medical practice management system to fail when attending to patients.

• Cost:

Depending on your clinic size, the number of physicians and patient volume, the total cost of operations over time using an on-site server is lesser, compared to the total billing costs for data storage on a cloud server.

In addition, the depreciating costs of hardware means that it costs less to own and maintain an onsite server, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run.


The advanced features which the Medtech Evolution system incorporates are setting new standards of excellence in healthcare practices and overall patient management.

These features allow for effective automation of all your daily operations and also enable smooth interaction with your patients.

In addition, the Medtech Evolution system has strict procedures and specific requirements for its use, to ensure data privacy and security for all medical information.

The Medtech Evolution is a superior fully-featured system designed to suit all the needs of your medical practice.

If you want to enjoy the numerous features, then it is time you consider upgrading your current patient management software to Medtech’s Evolution system.

This upgrade will require a high level of technical knowledge and experience, making it necessary to contact an IT professional to provide assistance with its deployment.

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